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The End Of A Decade

Two more days to the Dawn of a new Decade...2020

What will it hold for us?

For INDIE TUNZ Records it means New Music and videos being released. Lots of Music & Videos!

My project 42 NORTH is gearing up for some Heavy Duty Publishing and possibly a short European tour...

Creatures Of Condition releases their first EP, conceived, written & recorded 25 years ago.

"Rough & Ready" will be released in early 2020.

It may be 25 years old but the melodies and riffs are current with the times...

One of our Artists, Junkies Rush has been selling music via the meany platforms we utilize.

Dark Stone & Ashes Of Jupiter (One of the newest Artists to join our Label) are garnering more streams monthly & their listening audience is expanding~

We published 2 EP's for Ashes of Jupiter "Celestial Warfare" & "Fallen Kingdom"! I hope we will see the two in a vinyl compilation in early 2020. Watch for it Ashes of Jupiter Fans!

Look for New music from Dark Stone & Coaching for Sarah, along with Sarah Smith & Caylie Cartier...

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