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Into The Unknown

Wow! Hard to believe that it's been two years since my last Blog entry!

It's been a surreal two years as we've seen the whole Covid-19 debacle unfold.

Two years of disruptions, closeures of Live Music Venues and the advent of Live Streaming for Artists to stay in touch with their audiences.

Tours and gigs cancelled and loss of revenue for Independent Music Artists.

Over the past two years we have had New Music and videos released more frequently as Artists concentrated on producing more works.

My personal project 42 NORTH has morphed into something better and different, with a name change to "GREEN INC." Continuing to produce new music keeps us fluid with what other Artists are doing. We wll be publishing New Music in the months to come...

Creatures Of Condition has released a second EP, "Uniforms Of Opposing Sides and a slew of singles that are charting well in the US, Australia, New Zealand and the UK!

Dark Stone & Ashes Of Jupiter (One of the newer Artists to join our Label) continue to garner more streams monthly & their listening audience is expanding~

Dark Stone is releasing two New Singles in the month of May ~ "By The Blood" May 6, 2022 and "Girl I Know" May 27, 2022. Hoping to resume live shows this year.

We have published an Excellent Album by Recording and Touring Artists Jeremy Ober and his project Brutal Republic and a Full Album "Full White Moon". Every track is expertly produced and offers the listener something very unique and different. It explores genres from Rock to Country to Folk. Currently the music of Brutal Republic is receiving attention from movie and television producers and music supervisors!

Coaching For Sara has been producing and releasing some excellent tracks of their own and is enjoying world-wide airplay! More new singles coming out in the next while including "Brown Recluse Spider" coming April 1, 2022!

I am doing a weekly videocast show with my friend Bob Minter, owner of WCZR - Code Zero Radio in Appleton Wisconsin. We feature the works of many Independent Artists as we also talk and explore the vast world of Independent Music. The show is beginning to develop a following that we hope will grow and offer Independent Artists a FREE platform on which to grow their brand and fan base!

The World is at an uncertain time in history as we consider enemies from both inside and out. We are unsure of what lays ahead and our world leaders are acting the very peculiar and unpredictable ways. Many theories abound and many people are caught up in the minutiae of what it all means

Music continues to offer an escape and excellent therapy to all the things that stress us!

Come along with us and get caught up in the world of Independent Music where you can set aside your stressors and cares of the world while you immerse yourself in this wonderful world of Music!



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